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Hello all....Welcome to the coolest IRC # webpage known to man that is #4perdana5's hompage.....i would first like to thank all those who made this IRC # and this h/p possible especially to our editor AntuMomok and ^mushu^ for making this # and h/p really happened. 4perdana5 is a class in Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar a.k.a English College the totally awesome class with people like famo, kl, sucker, didie (pk sendiri), (syafiq??) akakkaka !! Budak-budak nie lah yang bakal memimpin negara.....NOT!! memang jahanam negara and you'll know famo is the manager, we hope you won't kutuk-kutuk coz this is our first h/p.....Anyway don't forget to look at the bio of the pipol that regular in #4perdana5.....singgah-singgah le sekali, kalo bole ke class 4perdana5 kat, once again, thanks to all who made this possible and as someone in 4p5 would say
"supir" !!


Please click on the image below ........